We all have them. Days where our legs feel stiff, like blocks of wood. No matter how much coffee, tea, or other caffeine swindle we put into our system, our energy level remain low. Last week’s training went quite well. A few hard rides, a couple easy days and I was ready for a weekend of racing. Physically so to speak, I’m in top shape. Mild temperatures in Colorado this winter gave way to lots of outdoor riding instead of succumbing to the indoor trainer.

Saturday there was a hill climb time trail up Lookout mountain. I opted out of this because I’d much rather race against other riders than the clock, even when the road pitches upward. I awoke Saturday morning with fresh legs so I headed over to the Chatfield group ride. I’ve been meaning to race on tired legs. Tour of the Gila is coming up in the coming weeks and I need to simulate riding hard consecutive days in a row.

After the group ride ended I rode towards Deer Creek Canyon for another half hour or so, just to get more saddle time. On the way back I was putting my long-sleeve jacket on when my phone popped out of my jersey pocket. It fell softly on the ground without any cosmetic damage. “Sweet!” I said to myself.

As I was turning around to pick up the phone an 18-wheeler came whistling past like he was in the middle of a motor car speedway race. Boom! Crack! He ran straight over my phone. I was not a happy camper. Good thing for insurance as I was able to get a new phone for not a lot of money. I suppose insurance does come in handy!

Phone Aftermath


Sunday morning I woke up tired, groggy, and sore. I’m sure it didn’t help I ate 85% of a large pizza and a huge bowl of ice cream the night before. The DU 1/2 Criterium was not until 3:45 in the afternoon. I hung around the house for a while, took a long nap with Cooper, and worked on my bike to ready it for the coming race. I made the drive up north to City Park and found someone to leave the car while I rode into the park to register, get my number, and chat with a few people. The weather was cool with intermittent clouds. When the sun was shinning it warmed up fast.

I didn’t warm up for the race. I was not feeling all the best and riding made me colder and more tired. At this point I should have packed it up, drove home and called it a day. But, like many other determined riders out there I wanted to see if the legs would turn around.

They didn’t.

The first few laps were fast and I was already hurting. It could have been because I didn’t warm up much or not feeling well. Or maybe a combination of both. After about 10-15 more laps of pain and agony, I had enough and pulled out of the race. No excuses here. It was not my day. I plan on making a more conscious effort in the future about either racing or waiting until next time. The lesson learned from this experience was to know when to fold em’!

This weekend brings more Criteriums.

Stay tuned for more race reports!