So it’s not 2011 yet and I have my new bike built! WOOT! WOOT!

Training will start today for my first season out here in Colorado. Well, I’ll probably only do 30-60 minutes on the trainer to get a feel for the bicycle dimensions. Although it’s about 50 and sunny right now I want to play it safe with my bike fit and not ride until later tonight. I’ll be meeting with fit expert George Mullen later today to put the final touches on my fit. If you live in the Denver / Boulder area I would definitely suggest going to him for a fit. After attempting various exercises we were able to pinpoint my weakness on the bike. Yes I have weaknesses one the bike! I swear!

I’ll write more on the bike fit and bike build at a later date. For now lets just say I’m no longer feeling like a kid in a candy store. I have the sensation of a kid who has eaten all the candy in the store and is searching for seconds, thirds, and fourths.

Last Saturday I went on a nice hike with Frito and Mickey. I decided to leave Cooper behind this time. Cooper has been falling back on some of the hike/runs I’ve been doing. He has never been a fan of long runs so it was no surprise he needs that “extra” motivation to stay up with the pack. I also think his old age is starting to kick in. At times this would not even be a consideration. Especially in the backyard where he can out-sprint Mickey to get the Friz or tennis ball.

I went back to Deer Creek Canyon Park because it’s close and for the most part quiet with hiker traffic. In some respects there is more traffic in the mountains than on the highways! I started running right from the trailhead with my two compatriots. Mickey loves to take off right away and lead down the trail. For the most part it doesn’t bother me that he does this in the latter part of the run because there are not many people around. For the first couple of miles there are a lot of people hiking up and down with their dogs or alone. Most people do not seem to mind him being off leash but you can tell others are agitated. So, I have been training him to ride by my side until we are clear from hiker traffic and alone at the higher points of the park. The first part of the run is always the hardest for me. It’s where you gain the most altitude with the steepest climbs. I tend to go straight into oxygen debt after only a mile of running. Once around two miles into the trail my head begins to hurt and I feel dizzy. This tends to always happen at this park and I’m not sure why. Below 8,000ft you wouldn’t think it would not effect ones body too much but it definitely does. I suppose once over 8,500ft your body has to slow down because of the lower supply of oxygen so in return you slow down running and it doesn’t feel so difficult. (physically)

 I decided to take a different path this time to one of the “mountain” tops. It was called Homestead Trail. I was lucky to go this way because for the next half hour I didn’t see a single soul. It can be quite strange to be a sizable distance from other people. At times I would turn back to see if there was someone following us.

The dogs would even stop every once in a while and stare out into the open when they suspected an animal noise or rustling of some sort. This trail was not as steep as the others in the park but continued to ascend. Once near the top of the trail I looked to my right and noticed an overgrown trail with no trail markings. Sounds like a good adventure! The trail was insanely steep. Somewhere around a 20%+ gradient. Now even higher than before I noticed another small trail which lead to the actual peak of the mountain. You can tell not many people ventured this way because of the knocked down trees and  no noticeable trail signs. In any case, I made it to the top which gave me some beautiful vistas of downtown and other peaks in the area. Of course these are not like some 13 and 14’ers (peaks above 13 and 14,000ft) but they still give solace to ones mind about the vast beauty of the Colorado mountains. After sitting down with the pups for a while and taking in the views we headed back down to the parking lot and went home. All in all it was a nice day. All the pictures and video from the day’s adventure were taken on my new toy. It’s called the SONY Bloggie Touch HD. Pretty sweet little video camera that shoots in full 1080 HD for movies and has a 13 megapixel camera with 16GB’s of space. Enjoy!