>Colorado is a great place during the winter month. Well, at least so far. The weather this past November and almost mid way in December has been quite mild. Most days are in the mid 40’s and 50’s and the occasional day in the 60’s. The temperatures out here also feel different. With tons of dry air at 5,800+ ft of elevation you are left warm feelings of the suns rays even on the coldest of days. The nights dip down low into the 20’s but by mid day you can walk around town in a light sweater or jacket and not feel too chilly. 

I have been off the bike for some time now. Almost a full month. My training will resume once my new whip (bicycle) is built. I’ll write a whole new post with pictures once the bike is good and ready to go. All in all I should be back riding by the middle of next week. I’ve been implementing a lot of core work during my time off the bike and it seems to be paying off. I’m noticing a small drop in overall body weight and fat. Well I’m sure not eating a row or two of cookies is helping also. Yes I have a major cookie obsession! I have also been lifting weights, mostly upper body once or twice a week. I’m not the biggest advocate for weight lifting. Especially during the racing season. But, since I need to keep myself busy until the new bicycle is built I don’t see the harm. I have also been doing some added cross training in the pool. The pool is fun because I can almost feel myself getting leaner as I swim. It’s a weird sensation. All of this cross training has brought up the idea of Xterra racing. It sure sounds fun and after watching Maija do her first Xterra race on Long Island  it got me even more interested in the idea. But, I still have some specific cycling goals that are keeping me from other endurance undertakings.  

Cross-training has been fun for the most part. Especially the hikes at Deer Creek Canyon Park. Usually on the weekends Maija, the three dogs and I will venture out to the trails at the park. The trails are a bit populated but once you make it out to 7,800ft and turn off the main trailhead you see less and less people. I’ve been doing some work for Sony on the weekends so our time hiking / running is limited in the morning. Still I have a deep appreciation for the mountains without spending much time on their peaks. Deer Creek Park specifically is only a 10 minute drive from the house. A few miles on the highway and you are in the foothills. 

Everything about Colorado gives me hope about one day having a house in the mountains. In some respects it is unrealistic to have a house deep in the mountains unless you telecommute. Or maybe you have a helicopter pick you up every morning and fly you to downtown. I remember when I would walk dogs back on the North Shore of Long Island. Most of the client’s had multi-million dollar homes. Every morning I would walk dogs and hear helicopters flying overhead. “Wow what a commute.” 

Hanukah has come and gone but not without Maija and I attempting to create our own Jewish jamboree! We bought a Menorah to light candles but had no luck finding any Hanukah candles that would fit! Every store I went to were either sold out, didn’t have them, or didn’t even know what they were! There has to be some Jewish people out here except myself, Aunt, Uncle, and cousins! In any case we put the Menorah on the kitchen table along with some sparkling peach grape juice and some Hanukah wrapping paper. 

This was our fist time celebrating Hanukah together and we ate in style with Matzoh Ball soup and Potato Latkes! They came out great! Well, I made the Matzoh balls a little too big and after eating only one Matzoh ball the dogs had their share on the leftovers. Still, it was nice to have a Jewish dinner with Maija. It brought back some great memories of eating Jewish dinners with the family. Speaking of family I’m excited to be flying home after the new year to see everyone. I’ll be able to aid in the training of Kramer (my parent’s new dog). 

The view heading to Frisco and up over the continental divide. 

Cell phone pictures are not always clear!