>Ah so I promised that I would continue to update my blog from the other day but somehow I seemed to get preoccupied. So where did I leave off? Ah, yes the woman’s mind. While I’m speaking about relationships between men and women this does not count out relationships with two men or two women. In the end, they are still relationships! I feel as if there is no true understanding of our counterparts inner thinking. Life and relationships are meant trying to figure out those idiosyncrasies, quirks, and favoritism’s. So what gives with the high divorce rate in America and beyond? Were we meant to be monogamous people in this world? I think it comes down to obvious signs. But the true question is, when you meet the right person that fulfills your cognitive and physical desires, do you need to look any further? Sure we can say common recounts such as “Time will tell”, or “Fate will lead me in the correct direction.” I have a friend who was constantly fighting with their partner. It seems their physical emotion was letting them get the most of their relationship. While they cared quite dearly for each other they could not seem to stop fighting over every little thing. Of course being the outspoken person I am, I gave my friend my two sense. I told my friend they needed to communicate differently if they wanted to keep the longevity and relationship healthy. Last I heard they were on a “break”. I never understood the reason behind a “break” in a relationship. I’m sure there are couples who need time away from each other but in this specific case I said it was not the best option. This couple would take a “break” from seeing each other and then some time down the road, a couple of weeks or months, they would reconnect and be happy when they saw each other. The only downside to this so called break is that the problem still lingers behind the curtain. I said to my friend time would go by and things would be fine but the next time a fight or argument came about they would be at each others throats, still lacking the needed communications. Lastly, I said to my friend they needed to figure out a better way to solve their problems than fighting it out. Don’t get me wrong we (couples) needs fights every now and then to solve issues but I definitely feel there is a decisive difference between healthy fighting and destructive fighting.

On a more positive note, my winter training is coming to a close and the race season is around the corner. This is good news! Over the past few months I have been working with my coach Mike Monestero and using a powertap to regulate training days. Last year as a CAT3 I would ride 3-4-5 hours a day and I thought this was “good training”. Sure it was boat loads of fun getting lost on Long Island but ironically it didn’t get me anywhere! Training in central New Jersey has been a blessing. Sure I would like climbs that would be a little longer than 15-20 minutes but it beats climbing over-passes on Long Island. Oh and there are not many traffic lights and the drivers around here are quite friendly, well at least where I train.

I’m very excited for this up coming season. I keep thinking of getting to CAT1 and getting my name out there to some domestic pro teams. Sure this is a totally long shot but I have always believed in endurance sports you need to constantly shoot for the stars because no one is going to ride my bike for me. I’ve been looking at getting a pair of race wheels for some time now but with my finances not in the GREEN I am not sure if this is a possibility anymore. I wish this could change because having a nice pair of race wheels definitely makes a difference.

The sun is shining and above freezing so that means it’s time to head out and train.

Talk to Ya’ll soon!!