>Well it’s now the end of February and the white daemons are still falling from the sky. When looking at different forms of optimism, no matter how many more times it snows it will sooner-or-later go away. Living in the Northeast makes you become evasive to simple realizations of nice weather. I never thought I would spend my winter days training outside for cycling. Each day training in the winter was a struggle. Right after work I would spend fifteen minutes suiting up 5+ pounds of winter cycling gear before duct taping my booties so the cold crisp Nordic air would not invade my already numb feet. But, this year’s winter training made me a little more mentally tough, a tiny bit more hard as a competitive cyclist.

On another subject….

I will never totally figure out the inner working of a Woman’s mind. I sometimes would gloat about myself and other men who attempted to relish on thinking we understood what women wanted to hear. This has been the first time I have ever lived with the girl I dated. While many people might be saying been there done that, well for me it’s a first and I’m realizing I have so much to learn!

The first lesson I have learned is that women in general want men to listen more. Sometimes we “men” think we have a solution to every woman’s problem. NO! What they want from us is to just sit, listen, and smile 🙂 Boy this is hard! It seems there is something ingrained into the males brain and nervous system about responding to a female. I do believe men are good listeners but horrible at figuring out problems that do not concern us. The point I’m trying to make is we (men) need to bite our tongue before lending our words of moral support. Yes these revelations can only be exemplified by experiences.

This is an abbreviated versions of today’s post….headed out for a ride. Be back later for some more writing.