>Have you ever been in the shower had soap all over your body but still felt dirty?

Life would be a lot different without cars.

Maybe one day I’ll get another tattoo. But only on my back and have my brother do the art work.

Don’t you love that feeling you get after 1-3 beers. That warm fuzzy feeling you get where you can still comprehend reality but you don’t care too. Where you are standing on a tight rope of perception and idealism?

Doesn’t it feel good to be in love? Really really good?

Doesn’t it feel good to type sometimes, not knowing who is going to read what you wrote? Ah the mystery in it.

Have you ever just wanted to drive over other cars, through cars, and around cars but something kept you from doing the unthinkable?

Have you ever been so cold you were hot?

Ugh dog walking makes me think a lot. Too cold for an ipod….

Have you ever been so scared of something but then hit fear right in the face and jumped in with two feet?

Do you challenge yourself enough?

I love all dogs but I LOVE certain dogs.

Why does time slow down when you want it to speed up and vice versa?

Are endurance athletes crazy obsessed or is everyone else?

Have you ever wanted to listen to someone but not respond?

I’m writing this is non-paragraph form for no apparent reason.

Love, cycling, reading, dogs, dogs, dogs, dreaming.

We hear people but we rarely listen.

Time to cycle. Time to cycle. Time to cycle.

I’m my mothers therapy when I’m hope. I sit and listen when she does stuff but sometimes don’t respond. Makes me laugh πŸ™‚