>I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. I hope my 8 followers do not take it personally but sometimes I need to recharge, refuel, and renovate my inner reasoning. There is a side of me that wants to write and update my blog consistently but then I start to fringe and vilify the rationale behind a daily blog. Daily, weekly, monthly? I tend to be an extroverted person. I say and tell things how they are and wear my heart on my shoulder. But, there is this small side to myself that represses, and awaits a chance to write here. Sometimes It’s OK to keep ideas and feelings inside but only if you are able to control those sensations.

I have no real end to this segment 🙂

I spent this past weekend at Maija’s house in New Jersey. It was a lazy weekend (except training) but I had a great time like always. We got hit with a bad snow storm and had some fun playing with the dogs in the snow.

I have always acted as a calm assertive leader around dogs but I’m beginning to become a bit of a sap for Frito & Cooper. I ironically enough never have spent serious time 24+ hours with the same dogs. There were specific traits I had not learned about our fury four legged friends. Maija and her dogs taught me a good strong leader does not need to run the show 24/7. During specific times during the day it is important to establish yourself as the pack leader. Other times are meant for the “pack” to enjoy each others company.

I think my Dad needs a dog. While it’s no business of mine I wish they would look past the notion that it’s Bonnie’s house. (Bonnie the cat)

Humans tend to place superficial roles to animals instead of maybe realizing that all animals can and will get along with the right type of leadership. Of course this will come a bit easier when it is the same type of animal, but who’s afraid of a little challenge? My parents seem to think this is Bonnie’s house and not “our” house. All animals have this instinct to either lead or follow. We all play a role in natures game. Which one do you see yourself as? Maybe a little of both?

How have dogs impacted your life? Emotionally? Physically?

I might not get a chance to post again until after the new year. The coming days are going to be filled with training, walking 10+ dogs a day (not in a row), eating, sleeping, and repeating. It’s good money so that is the most complaining I’ll do. After the new year I’ll be headed back to Jersey where I hope to find employment, train my butt off for the coming race season, and get into a Police Academy. Hopefully in that order!

Be well, and have a happy and healthy New Year.